Top locations

Nine top locations within Biobased Delta mark the presence of green innovations and pioneering entrepeneurs. The number of top locations is expanding further and further.

Bio Base Europe (Gent and Terneuzen) Bio Base Europe (Gent and Terneuzen)
The Bio Base Europe Training Centre in Terneuzen is an innovative educational centre that promotes the development of the biobased economy. This takes place by training process operators using simulators, organising an exhibition for young people and through network activities between companies. The multifunctional and flexible pilot plant in Ghent tests complete biorefining processes for companies on a semi-industrial scale, from biomass to semifinished and end products.

Biopark Terneuzen Biopark Terneuzen
Biopark Terneuzen stimulates and facilitates synergy between the companies located here. The Biopark is involved in, for example, WarmCO2, which supplies residual heat and CO2 from industrial processes to the greenhouse farming sector. The Biopark also houses production locations for biodiesel and biomass.

Bioprocess Pilot Facility (Delft) Bioprocess Pilot Facility (Delft)
In this open pilot facility, companies, knowledge institutes and consortia can scale up their biotechnological processes from the laboratory to industrial production. A wide variety of products are converted using fermentation techniques, including ethanol, complex biomolecules and small molecules like monomers for bioplastics.

Green Chemistry Campus Green Chemistry Campus
The Green Chemistry Campus accelerates the biobased economy on the interface between agro and chemistry. The campus offers excellent facilities and state-of-the-art business development programmes with a focus on bioplastics, chemicals and coatings.

Industrial estate: Nieuw Prinsenland (Dinteloord) Industrial estate: Nieuw Prinsenland (Dinteloord)
The greenification of the process industry is put into practice at this industrial estate. A sugar factory, greenhouse farming company and various other companies use one another's residual heat. The process water from the sugar factory, for example, is used to heat the greenhouses.

Rusthoeve Rusthoeve
Rusthoeve facilitates agricultural research and demonstration projects like the Biobased Innovation Garden. This international research centre helps optimise the cultivation and initial processing (such as small-scale bio-refining) of green raw materials for industrial processes. The Biobased Innovation Garden works together with knowledge institutes.

Plant One (Botlek, Rotterdam) Plant One (Botlek, Rotterdam)
Plant One is a test facility for sustainable process technology, where companies can test and demonstrate highly promising innovations for process improvements on an industrial scale. The focus here is on new technologies for reduced energy and raw material consumption and the use of green raw materials. An Energy Efficiency Marketplace has been established, a permanent platform where small and medium-sized companies can share knowledge and innovations.

Port of Moerdijk Port of Moerdijk
In the Port of Moerdijk, the greenification of the process industry is a normal part of business operations. Here we find a fantastic combination of clean technology, the development and large-scale use of green raw materials, bioenergy and biofuels. Companies use each other's CO2, water, heat and hydrogen.

Sloegebied (Vlissingen) Sloegebied (Vlissingen)
The Sloegebied in Vlissingen is part of Zeeland Seaports, which comprises the ports of Vlissingen and Terneuzen. This region is home to various large energy companies and logistics and chemical companies. Seaweed is grown in the Sloegebied in Vlissingen for use in the chemical and other sectors. Residual heat is also shared between companies here.