Green raw materials

Biobased Delta researches and develops alternative raw materials to replace or supplement fossil fuels. This theme comprises four programmes.

Algae and seaweed

The cultivation, processing and economic value of this 'green gold' from the sea offer a tremendous amount of possibilities in the fields of soil enrichment, energy, chemicals and bioactive ingredients. Algae and seaweed can be used, for example, as ingredients in food products, for the purification of wastewater, and as a green raw material for bioplastics and biodiesel. Large-scale companies often work in projects together with SMEs within this programme.

Agro (residual) flows

Residual flows from agricultural production can be used as or upgraded to highly valuable raw materials. Biobased Delta is exploring whether farmers can pre-treat the residual flows at their agricultural businesses in order to deliver semifinished products to the industry. In this programme component, we are also looking into more large-scale processing of agro residual flows in order to extract substances for use in various industrial sectors.

Natural ingredients

Substances from plants and flowers in the horticultural sector can play a significant role in the chemical sector and medical, food and health care industries. Natural colouring, for example, is made from madder, tomato concentrate can be used to make products that improve circulation, and a substance that can be extracted from daffodil bulbs can slow down Alzheimer's. Biobased Delta is conducting practical research into natural ingredients from new and specific crops and developing methods to extract these substances from plants.

Natural fibres

Biobased Delta researches and develops natural fibres like flax and hemp. We determine whether these fibres can be used as raw materials in industries such as construction, automobile production and textile. This includes everything from fa├žade coverings made of aubergine fibres to biocomposites made of flax fibres for use in scooters, bicycle frames and tennis rackets.